2. Few little drawings from parties. 


  3. Tree

    Acrylic on wall. 2013. Commission work


  4. "Listen II" 

    Oils, Gesso, posca and watercolours on canvas. 2013. 

    Art by Sophie Love (me). 


  5. Skateboard Design


  6. Eye for an Eye II

    Ink and Oil paint on Canvas. 

    By Sophie Love


  7. "Listen"
    Ink and watercolour on paper.
    By Sophie Love (me)
    Check out more at www.facebook.com/artbysophielove


  8. Nude commissioned piece. Sold. 

    Mixed media on canvas. 

    Private message me for commissions I am looking for more!



  9. Nude piece. Available for sale. 

    Mixed media on canvas. 

    By Sophie Love. 



  10. My tribute painting to Frida Kahlo. She was everything I wish to be. 

    Ink and watercolour on Paper. 

    Available for sale framed, PM for details. 

    By Sophie Love. 



  11. "Jupiter"

    Ink and Watercolour on Paper. 

    By Sophie Love, 2012. 

    For sale, framed. PM for details. 


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  13. Commissioned peice, inspired by DMT Dreaming. 

    Acrylic, paint pen and watercolour on canvas. 

    By Sophie Love



  14. Colour


  15. Tribe III detail